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Mr. Bubbs
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The soundtrack for Mr. Bubbs marks the third collaboration between writer/director, Todd Thompson and Emmy Award® nominated composer, Colin O’Malley.

Todd initially discussed the project with Colin shortly after finishing the first draft of the script. Knowing the total running time of the film was limited to 5 minutes, they spent several meetings discussing the various plot points in the story and how the overall direction and mood of the score had to change in order to convey the innocence, danger and ultimate revenge the main character would have over her unsuspecting kidnapper.    

Colin’s slate of projects and the film’s accelerated post production schedule gave him only one day to write and record the score, but the end result falls nothing short of fantastic.  Excerpts are available by clicking on the Sample Tracks to the right. Have a listen, and experience just what happens when a stranger picks the wrong girl to kidnap one bright, sunny day in suburbia.



Sample Tracks
Listen to Track 1 1.  
Listen to Track 2 2.  
Listen to Track 3 3.  
Listen to Track 4 4.  
Listen to Track 5 5.  
Listen to Track 6 6.  
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