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"Playful" and "mischievous" are two words writer/director/producer Todd Thompson used as foundation when communicating the score to composer, Adlan Cruz. The soundtrack marks the filmmaker’s second collaboration with the world-renowned musician.

The eleven tracks that make up the original score for Crooked took over three months to complete, writing music on breaks between a demanding tour schedule that took Adlan as far away as Jerusalem.

For the final track, Todd couldn’t help but turn to the musical talents of Elliott Rivers and his song "Shake It ‘Til Your Tooth Falls Out". Not only did he feel the theme of the song was apropos, but what intrigued Todd most was that the song’s lyrics and voice behind the performance was only six years old. This odd combination of talent proved the perfect ingredients necessary to produce a series of musical vignettes Todd likes to call "a twisted ride into the mind of a twelve year old on a mission".

Samples of the score are available for you to enjoy simply by selecting the tracks to the right.



Sample Tracks
Listen to Track 1 1.  
Listen to Track 2 2.  
  3.   The Bare Necessities
  4.   Chocolate Covered Ants
  5.   Try and Try Again
Listen to Track 3 6.  
  7.   Meet Tommy Gunn
  8.   Girl Trouble
  9.   Grade School Gossip
Listen to Track 4 10.  
  11.   Wonderful Wrap-Ups
  12.   End Titles
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