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The Monster Under My Bed
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The soundtrack for The Monster Under My Bed was a first-time collaboration with world-renowned composer, Adlan Cruz.

Born on Thanksgiving Day, 1968 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Adlan began playing piano at the age of three. His inclination for classical music and his passion for the piano inspired him, two years later, to pursue and master his talent.

His technique was cultivated by two of the most prominent concert pianists in the western hemisphere, Rosita Casanova and Violeta de la Mata. The year 1985 marked Adlan's life when he was selected to represent his country in Spain at the Fifth Centennial Celebration of the Discovery of America. His piano recital there was recorded and has since been played in over twenty countries.

One year later he was awarded finest pianist of his graduating class at Ernesto Ramos Antonini School of Music and received the medal for highest honors.

While he has traveled the globe, performing for royalty and headlining concert halls in countries such as Holland, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and the Unites States, The Monster Under My Bed marks only his second endeavor scoring for live-action film.



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