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Once Not Far From Home
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Erik Per Sullivan
Skye McCole Bartusiak
Daniel Hugh Kelly
James Best

Erik Per Sullivan

Now a teenager, Erik Per Sullivan is an honor student at Mount Saint Charles Academy, a nationally recognized school of excellence. His favorite subjects include Math, Social Studies and History. He is an avid reader and has a huge interest in all literature relating to World War II.

Erik loves to travel to Sweden, his mother’s homeland, and is looking forward to traveling throughout Europe, Japan and around the world. His favorite foods are as diverse as his tastes in travel. At home on the east coast, he enjoys lobster, oysters-on-the-half shell, clam chowder and filet mignon. He is a huge fan of shushi, sha bu-sha bu and, of course, he loves his mother’s Swedish meatballs and spicy beef enchiladas from his dad’s Mexican restaurant.



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