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Once Not Far From Home
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While developing the concept for Once Not Far From Home, writer/producer, Todd Thompson, challenged himself to make a film where the main characters had virtually no dialogue. He wanted to create a piece that was driven primarily by the visual elements of the story and supported entirely by a classical score that communicated every feeling and emotion he wanted the audience to experience.

To accomplish this, Todd and director, Ben Van Hook, turned to the musical talents of Emmy Award® nominee, Colin O’Malley, who composed a score that you're sure to find emotionally charging and hauntingly surreal.

Excerpts from the film’s score are available by simply clicking on the Sample Tracks to the right. We invite you explore each of them and immerse yourself into the innocence and wonderment of that magical moment—that time and place when you first found true love…once, not far from home.


Sample Tracks
Listen to "Once, Not Far From Home" 2.  
Listen to "Serenade" 3.  
Listen to "One Hundred Butterflies" 4.  
Listen to "A Change In Season" 5.  

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