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Time & Again
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Learn all about Time & Again in this collection of news articles and other stories.

Newspaper Articles    
See More Seymour”

Orlando Weekly, August 22, 2002

“Oscar nominee Cassel to
star in 35mm short”

The Orlando Business Journal,
September 13-19, 2002

“Indie films’ patron saint
still full of surprises”

The Orlando Sentinel, September 23, 2002

“Film has roots in Medina theater”
The Medina Gazette, September 26, 2002

“Film Crew in Mount Dora”
The Mt. Dora Topic,
The Villager and The Triangle Trader

“Hollywood’s back in Mt. Dora”
The Mt. Dora Topic,
The Villager and The Triangle Trader

“Time and Again”
Focus In, October, 2002

“Just movies for Stars North”
MARKEE, October, 2002

“Spotlight on Film & Video in Central Florida”
Create Magazine, Fall, 2002

“Stars North Quickens Pulse of Orlando Film Scene”
Industry, December/January, 2003

Southwest Orlando Bulletin,
October 19-November 1, 2002

“Students putting mark on indie film”
The Orlando Business Journal,
November 22-November 28, 2002

Southwest Orlando Bulletin,
December 7-December 20, 2002



“More that air kisses: Film fest produces solid deals”
The Orlando Business Journal,
February 21-February 27, 2003

“Scripting Their Dream”
Novice Filmmakers Build Career, Work For The Big Break

The Orlando Sentinel, Life & Times,
March 15, 2003 By: Roger Moore

“Time & Again”
MARKEE Magazine, April, 2003

Southwest Orlando Bulletin, April 5-April 11, 2003

“Smithy Sipes produces film ‘Time and Again’ ”
The Jackson Sun, April, 2003

“Are movie stars in alignment here?”
The Orlando Sentinel, May 1, 2003

Southwest Orlando Bulletin, May 17-June 6, 2003

“How Stephen Campbell Filmed A Fantasy In A Believable Way”
In Camera Magazine, July, 2003

”Rhode Island International Film Festival—Two Cassel Films to be Shown Tomorrow”
The Providence Journal Bulletin, August 9, 2003

"Local Filmmakers honored in Pennsylvania film festival"
The Orlando Business Journal, August 3, 2003

"Orlando’s become hot spot for independent movies"
Florida Today, September 26, 2003

"Film Festival, Take 2
Expect more variety — including musicals, comedies, and sci-fi — at the second annual Great Lakes Independent Film Festival."

The Erie Times News, September 11, 2003


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