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This Mans Life
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If there is one quality to the story of This Man’s Life that is timeless, it is its eloquent and mesmerizing score. Written by pianist and Emmy-nominated composer, Glenn Longacre, and violinist, Robert Kerr, the score is a tapestry of highs and lows, goods and evils and happiness’s and regrets that stay with you long after the film has ended.

Elements of the soundtrack were designed not only to send you on a journey spanning the many years of Richard Crummly’s life, but also to serve as the binding force that drives the visual direction of the film. In short, director Todd Thompson was in search of an opus his audience could follow even if the picture were taken away.

Samples of the score are available for you to enjoy simply by selecting the tracks to the right. We hope you find them as hauntingly captivating as we do. Each one tells its own story, and together, they make up a tumultuous journey called This Man’s Life.



Sample Tracks
Listen to "Roundtrip Ticket to Orville" 3.  
Listen to "The Train to Ignatius" 6.  
Listen to "The Zimmerman’s" 7.  
Listen to "Looking Back" 9.  
Listen to "Final Confrontations" 11.  

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